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About Amcor and its Products

Amcor International is engaged in importing and distributing a wide range of wall papers and  self-adhesive decorative privacy films. Amcor delivers a huge choice of around 2000  design house wallpapers direct to your door, including all the latest new collections.We’ve got wallpapers to suit every interior and style .For more details call +91-7024138902, 9555848902

We provide Frosted and etching films , Static  films , Sun control films and safety films, Furniture Films , Wall Decoration Films .

Amcor Started in 2011. Amcor expanded from Delhi NCR region to Pan India network of dealers and distributors . Amcor supplies the broadest range of decorative films (more than 250 designs) available today at the most competitive prices under our own registered Trademark Amfrost. Amcor has a sales and distribution network comprising of over 20 distributors and 1500 Dealers in India and 4 offices in India ( 3in Delhi and one in  Mumbai) .We regularly try to innovate and introduce new designs . We, the family of Amcor, will do our best to provide innovative, timely, cost effective and superior products that meet or exceed our customers' needs and expectations.

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The AMFROST product will be free from defects in material and manufacture for a period of Two(2) years from the date of installation. Amcor International MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY ARISING OUT OF A COURSE OF DEALING, CUSTOM, OR USAGE OF TRADE. User is responsible for determining whether the AMFROST product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for user's method of application.

If the AMFROST product is proven to be defective within the warranty period stated above, your exclusive remedy and Amcor's sole obligation shall be, at Amcor's option, to replace the AMFROST product. In no event shall Amcor International be liable for the labor or installation costs of replacing the AMFROST product . AMFROST Films can be cleaned with a mils soapy water solution and a soft cloth or paper towel.

Limitation of Remedies And Liability: Except where prohibited by law,Amcor Internationalwill not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the AMFROST product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential, regardless of the legal theory asserted, including contract, warranty, negligence, or strict liability.

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Recommended Tools:

  • A film aid application concentrate (or no-tears baby shampoo)
  • Bottled water (not tap water)
  • Spray bottle
  • Squeegee
  • Break-away utility knife (for cutting film)
  • Single-edged razor blade (for cleaning glass)
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Soft, lint-free cloth or paper coffee filters (for cleaning the glass and film)

Before You Begin:

Residential window films are applied directly to the inside glass surface you can touch inside your home. If you have a removable storm pane, you may remove it and apply the film to the inside surface of the outermost window, then remount the storm pane. Applying window film is a simple process, with only a few basic steps. However, patience and preparation are very important. Before beginning this project, please read the instructions completely and carefully, perhaps using a small piece of film to practice the steps before you actually tint a window. Many first-time users feel more confident after tinting a few, small windows. Start with smaller windows before applying film to larger windows, such as patio doors, which may require two people.


A) Fill a pump- or trigger-spray bottle with a soapy water solution: to 1qt. bottled water, add a bottle of a film aid concentrate (or 1/4 tsp of a no-tears baby shampoo without conditioner). Film Aid offers the best drying clarity and pH balance. Do not use hard tap water, which can leave spots under the film. VERY IMPORTANT: This soapy water solution (“the Solution”) will serve as a lubricant for the squeegee during glass cleaning, film application, and future cleaning. CAUTION: Do not use any household glass cleaner containing ammonia or vinegar to clean the glass or film; such cleaners can dilute or dissolve the film’s adhesive. However, extremely greasy or smoke-covered windows may need to be cleaned first with glass cleaner then rinsed thoroughly with the Solution.

B) Plan to use several single-edge utility razor blades to clean the window. A small utility knife with breakaway blades is the best tool for trimming film. NOTE: Film can dull a blade edge quickly; and a dull blade can tear film. Plan to use a new blade after every 10’ of film that you cut.

C) A rubber-blade squeegee is necessary to press the film onto the window without creases and to remove the soapy water from under the film. We recommend a squeegee between 6” to 8” wide, preferably with a flexible blade and solid handle. A quality squeegee is a good investment because you will use it to clean the glass, apply the film, and clean the film in the future.

D) Use lint-free toweling (paper coffee filters work amazingly well!), not paper towels, to clean the windows and absorb squeegeed water. e. To trim the film (Step 8), use the edge of a ruler or a 50-cent coin or a dedicated wallpaper trimmer.

Special Points to Remember

  • Handle the film very carefully. As with aluminum foil, once creased, the film will remain creased.
  • Avoid using concentrated or degreasing detergents to make the Solution or the film may dry cloudy or fail to adhere.
  • Larger windows (3-4’ wide) usually are best filmed by two people working together to remove the liner, install, and trim the film. (See steps 3 and 5)
  • Apply film anytime other than in direct sunlight (film may stick too quickly) or freezing weather (film will not stick at all). Best temperature is 45-90 degrees F. Best time is early morning or late evening, when the glass is cooler.
  • Work in a dust-free area. Turn off fans. Apply film to windows hung vertically. DO NOT lay windows down to tint them or you will trap air bubbles under the film.
  • Film may be removed, but not reused.


1. Measure the Window

Measure the dimensions of your window carefully before unrolling and cutting the film. Film may be applied from side to side, or top to bottom from the kit roll. Use the measurement that leaves the least waste. You may also choose to pretrim the film to the window dimensions, less 1/16” on all sides (see steps 3 and 8 below).

2. Clean the Window

Generously spray the window with the Solution. (You will use this solution throughout the installation process.) Then use your hand and squeegee to clean the windows thoroughly. Respray the glass, then use a razor blade to remove any caked dirt or paint. Use special care cleaning the corners. Re-wet the window, then squeegee downward. Wipe off accumulated dirt from the window gasket with a soft cloth or paper coffee filters. Repeat process until the glass is clean. If possible, also clean the outside to ensure total clarity. (NOTE: Paper coffee filters are lint free and can be used to clean the windows now, and the film later. Remember, the cleaner the glass, the better the final appearance of the applied film.)

3. Cut the Film

Unroll the film on a clean, flat surface near the window. Use a ruler as a guide and cut the film 1” larger than the dimensions of the window to be sure that the film will fit. Of course, you may wish to use the factory edge of the film for one side of the window. Or, if you choose, pretrim the film to the final dimensions of each window (including the 1/16” gap described in step 8). We recommend pretrimming the film to final size for French panes, skylights, and arched windows.

For Windows Larger Than Film Size:

To cover larger windows, you may need to seam the film as you would seam wallpaper. To obtain a perfect butt seam, vertically overlap two sides of the film, then use a ruler as a straight edge to guide your knife as you cut through the center of both layers of film. After cutting the seam line, peel the loose sheet of film from the top, then lift the edge of the film and slide out the other “waste” piece from underneath the film. Rewet the glass, lay down the film, rewet the top of the film, and then squeegee the film from top to bottom in a slow, firm vertical motion. A week after installation, you should waterproof the seam with a coat of clear fingernail polish.

4. Wet the Window Thoroughly

Generously spray the solution, which acts as a lubricant for the film, onto the inside surface of the window until beads of the soapy water run down the glass. If the window becomes dry, rewet it completely before applying film.

5. Remove the Clear Film Backing (“the liner”)

Take your time with this step: be patient and be careful not to crease the film while removing the clear, protective “liner” from the back (adhesive side) of the film. (NOTE: Usually the liner is on the outside surface of the film roll.) Remove the liner by attaching two 3-4” long pieces of transparent tape to the front and back surfaces of a corner of the film so that about 1” of tape is on the film, the rest centered and hanging over the pointed corner of the film. Press the two pieces of tape firmly together, then quickly pull them apart to begin separating the clear liner away from the adhesive side of the film. (NOTE: This process may require a quick, snapping pull, much like pressing together and quickly pulling apart two pieces of velcro.)

As you carefully peel the liner away, generously spray the soapy solution onto the exposed adhesive. This spray helps break any static cling, reduces contamination, and makes the liner separation easier. Wet your hands with the Solution before handling the film to avoid leaving fingerprints on the adhesive. For small windows, remove the liner diagonally, from one corner toward the opposing corner. Try to keep the film from touching itself. Two people should coordinate the liner separation on a large sheet of film.

6. Place the Film on the Wet Window

Completely remove the clear liner from the back of the film and thoroughly wet the exposed, dry adhesive surface. Be sure the window is dripping wet: too much Solution is better than not enough. Apply the adhesive side of the film to the wet glass. Start at the top of the window, then allow the film to gently lay down onto the glass. Handle the film carefully at the corners to avoid wrinkles or creases, which cannot be removed. Use your hands to smooth the film onto the glass. You can slide the film around and position it correctly so long as the window and film are thoroughly wet.

7. Spray the Outside Surface of the Film and Squeegee the Film Carefully and Firmly

Spray the entire surface of the film facing you with the soapy solution to lubricate its surface. Using a clean rubber squeegee, begin squeegeeing the water and air out from under the film. To do this, start about 2” from the top and side and squeegee from left to right. Second, to set the film on the glass, lightly squeegee the rest of the film downward, but leave the 2” perimeter area unsqueegeed. If you need to remove large air pockets, rewet the top of the film and squeegee again. If the squeegee drags, respray the Solution on the top of the film. (NOTE: Always wet film with the solution before squeegeeing. You can remove any large bubbles by pushing them with the squeegee to the nearest film edge. Small bubbles (less than 1/8” in diameter) should disappear in a few days.)

8. Trim Edges of Film and Squeegee Dry

Use a sharp razor blade or utility knife and a 1/16” wide guide to trim the film around the four perimeter edges of the film. This gap is essential for the proper thermal expansion of the glass and allows you to completely squeegee the water and air from under the film. Rewet the entire film surface and squeegee again. Press very firmly to remove all the water so that the adhesive can cure clearly.

This time, imagine an invisible line dividing the window from top to bottom. Starting at the top of the window, squeegee from the center to the left, then from the center to the right. Repeat this process until you reach the bottom of the window. (NOTE: If your squeegee has a stiff blade, PUSH it toward the sides. If a flexible rubber blade, PULL the squeegee.) If “fingers” appear along any edge, wrap your squeegee with a few paper coffee filters (or soft, absorbent cloth) and carefully push the “fingers” toward the edge of the film. Hold in place to absorb any excess water.

The lighter the film, the less your privacy. The shinier the film, the more your daytime privacy. At night, all films will appear more or less reflective inside depending upon the brightness of indoor lighting. For full privacy at night, close your draperies.


How is Amfrost Window Film applied?

Amfrost films are professionally applied by skilled, authorized Amfrost Dealers. Almost all of our films are designed to be applied to the inside of your glass.

The first step is to prepare the window area for the application; placing drop cloths on the floor protecting and/or moving furniture where necessary.

Next, the window glass is cleaned using simple cleaning solutions (often water and ammonia) and razor blade scrapers. Then the film is sprayed with a slip solution (detergent and water) for proper positioning, and applied to the window glass. Using a professional grade squeegee and following proper techniques, the application is completed by removing excess water, trimming the edges, and a final squeegee technique to dry the edges. For more details call +91-7024138902 , 9555848902

How long does it take for Amfrost Window Films to dry?

We suggest allowing thirty days for the film to fully dry and cure. During this curing process, it is normal to have small water bubbles and/or a hazy appearance. These will disappear as the film dries; depending upon the film type and weather conditions, drying may take as much as 30 (or even 45) days, or as little as a few days. Once dried, Amfrost Window Films will look great and perform for many years to come. For more details call +91-7024138902 , 9555848902

Can I install Amfrost Window Film myself?

No, Amfrost Window Films require professional application; our authorized Amfrost Window Film Dealers are thoroughly trained and experienced in performing high quality work. In this way, our customers will enjoy the benefits of Amfrost Window Films and have the comfort of the Amfrost warranty.

For more Details cal +911-11-7024138902 , 9555848902

How do I clean my AmfrostT Window Films?

After thirty (30) days, you may clean AmfrostT Films using normal household cleaning solutions, including ammonia based products, and a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. You may also use a squeegee to clean the films. Abrasive products which would scratch or damage the film should not be used.

Maintenance - Cleaning and Care: The following are washing and maintenance instructions for all your Amfrost Films.

We recommend only microfiber cloth. The frequency of cleaning will not affect the film in any way.

DO NOT USE BRISTLE BRUSHES OR ANY OTHER MATERIAL THAT MIGHT SCRATCH THE SURFACE Some paper towels are coarse enough to scratch the film. Repeated use of improper cleaning implements and/or solutions will damage the appearance of the Film.


How long does Amfrost Window Film last?

Amfrost Window Films are made to last for many years. The exact length of time depends upon the type of film applied, window orientation, type of glass it is applied to and the particular climate in which it is applied. Most applications last well beyond the warranty

For more details contact +91-11-7024138902, 9555848902

Will Amfrost Window Films stop my furnishings from fading?

Nothing completely stops fading. Amfrost Window Films are designed to help reduce the major causes of fading (ultra violet light, visible light, and solar heat), thus prolonging the life of your furnishings, perhaps as much as two to five times.

Keep in mind the article(s) to be protected; if they have a typical life of five (5) years then they may last ten (10) years to much longer depending on the performance of the film selected. However, if the typical life is only 2-3 weeks, then the expectation should be expressed in terms of months.

As a general rule of thumb, ultra violet (UV) is approximately 40% of the cause, visible light is about 25%, and heat about 25%. The remaining 10% can be attributed to humidity, pollutants, interior lights, dye stability, and more.

For more details contact +91-11-7024138902

What are different types of AMFROST films?

AMFROSTDecorative Films come in different patterns and shades, and are easily removed and replaced to update the appearance at a later time. Now any flat glass surface can be turned into a work of art, be it an office, restaurant, den, bathroom or child's room. Frosted films diffuse light without appreciably cutting down the ambient light. As a result, any existing window can be converted to privacy glass in a number of attractive patterns. See About AMFROST Films For further details call +91-7024138902 , 9555848902

How are AMFROST films installed?

All AMFROSTDecorative Films have a permanent acrylic adhesive system protected by a removable release liner which must be removed prior to installation. Films are installed using a water and soap based solution. See Installation Instructions

For further details contact +91-11-7024138902, 9555848902

Where and why are AMFROST flims installed?

AMFROSTDecorative Films are ideally suited for applications that require day or night privacy without sacrificing natural light levels in both commercial and residential applications. See Applications page. Commercial applications are found in banks, restaurants, health clubs, hotel foyers, conference rooms and office partitioning. Commercial buildings are dramatically increasing the use of internal glass walls as partitioning. This brings natural light into offices creating greater work productivity, as well as the illusion of more space while offering privacy. For more details call +91-7024138902 , 9555848902

Why AMFROST Flilm?

Architects and designers have accepted the finished product enthusiastically. Decorative film is no longer seen as a problem-solving product; instead it has become an integral part of the design and construction processes. Many new building projects are specifying AMFROST Decorative film patterns. The film's theme normally continues throughout the office area and sometimes is personalized with a corporate logo or graphic. For more details call +91-7024138902 , 9555848902

Can AMFROST films be removed?

Yes. Unlike other decorative glass processes, AMFROSTDecorative Films can be removed if desired. This of course is a huge advantage and most landlords do not object to their tenants' installation of film when they find out the product can be removed. To remove AMFROST films simply peel away the film from one corner and pull the film from the glass. Should any adhesive remain on the glass it can easily be removed with a spray of soapy water and a single edge razor blade. In addition, the cost of installing AMFROSTDecorative Films on existing glass is low in comparison to other processes..

For further details contact : +91-11-7024138902, 9555848902

How can I buy your decorative window films?

You need to place your order. To do this Just dial /Whatsapp/ SMS us at +91-7024138902(Mr Sanjay Jain) / 9555848902. Or mail us at

Can you deliver the window Glass and architectural films at my address?

Yes . In Delhi (NCR) region and Mumbai Region we deliver though our own delivery team . Outside we have tied up with various courier and logistics companies for efficient and quick delivery thoughout India. Normally it takes 24- 72 hours depending upon place to place.

For further details contact +91-11-7024138902 , 9555848902

Can I do window film delivery using my own forwarding company?

Yes of course! You can place an order for delivery of your window film to any courier company you like. After doing this you inform us what courier company will pick up your window film. We will get in touch with them and send your order.

For further details contact +91-11-7024138902 , 9555848902

How to estimate the cost of delivery?

In order to calculate the exact cost of delivery, we should know the buyer's full address .This is the information we require to calculate the cost of delivery for the required volume of window films.

For further details contact +91-11-7024138902 , 9555848902

What is the minimum volume of order?

We supply in any cut length . Orders should be placed in running feet.

For further details contact +91-11-7024138902 , 9555848902

How to request a sample catalogue of your decorative window films?

Please mail us at or call us at +91-11-7024138902 (Mr Sanjay), 9555848902

What surfaces are suitable for application of your window films?

Our Architectural and decorative window films can be installed on any flat surface, glass , wood and POP walls.

For further details contact +91-11-7024138902 , 9555848902

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